19 players win R12k – jackpot rolls over to R31 million

The jackpots for both the PowerBall and PowerBall PLUS rolled over on Friday night, 5 August, after no players hit the jackpot. A player won the PB PLUS jackpot on Tuesday and took home more than R6 million.

POWERBALL DIVIDENDS                         

According to the PowerBall dividends, the biggest winners in Friday night’s draw were the two players who matched five numbers for a dividend of R192 463,20.

19 players matched four numbers plus the bonus ball for a return of R12 686,50 while 391 players won R1045,20 from four numbers.

Bringing up the rear108 051 players correctly guessed the PowerBall for R10.

The winning PB numbers were: 16, 18, 21, 32, 44 and PB: 18

PowerBall dividends for Friday night’s draw. Graphic: Ithuba.

In the PB PLUS match field, one player won the jackpot of R160 897,20  after matching five numbers.

In second were the 18 players who matched four numbers plus the PowerBall for R5597,50.

420 players followed by winning R406,70 after matching four numbers.

At the other end were the 103 657 players that only matched the bonus ball for R5.

The winning PB PLUS numbers were: 14, 25, 33, 39, 46 and PB: 11

PB PLUS dividends for Friday. Graphic: Ithuba.’=

After the draws, the PowerBall jackpot rolls over R31 million on Tuesday, 9 August, while the PB PLUS jackpot will start from scratch at an estimated R4 million.


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