ANC calls on police to put a stop to ‘mass killings’

This isn’t something you see every day. The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal is calling out the South African Police Service over “continuous” mass shootings and KZN killings. While there is nothing wrong with calling out the SAPS. There’s just one problem, an ANC member is the minister of police.

14 KZN killings in last 24 hours

The party’s provincial structures are fuming over 14 deaths in the last 24 hours as part of mass shootings and killings in the province. The ANC says each and every time new crime statistics are released, things just keep getting worse.

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“In each and every crime statistics released by the Minister of Police, KZN has always shown an increase in criminal mass killings. It can’t be business as usual for criminals to run amok and instill continuous fear in our communities in a democratic state.

Things do get a bit confusing from the ANC. The party goes on to call on the provincial government and SAPS to deal with drug lords causing KZN killings. The KZN is run by an ANC government…

“One of the major challenges confronting our communities is the issue of drug abuse. And drug lords fighting for territorial control to trade with impunity and pursue their criminal acts. We call on the government and police in particular to close space and squeeze these criminals wherever they are found.

KZN ANC statement


The party is calling for community members to report the ‘thugs” involved. The ANC also alleges that some of the law enforcement agencies are “in their [criminals] pockets”.

“We firmly believe that there are few of these rotten potatoes within the security establishment, not all our police are corrupt,” the party said in a statement on Saturday.

Let’s see how Police Minister Bheki Cele reacts to these claims, shall we?

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