Ayanda Ncwane helps people affected by the flood in her hometown (Photos)

Ayanda Ncwane calls out for help from business owners after visiting her hometown Ndwedwe, as it was affected by the flood.

The KZN flood has claimed close to 400 lives, many are still missing, and some are homeless.

The South African star witnessed the horrifying situation of her place of birth and she’s rendered some help.

“This is my hometown Ndwedwe, yesterday I visited most of the families who are now homeless and stranded. Homes are washed away and bereaved families are mourning at the neighbor’s or relative’s places. It’s one thing watching the news it’s another when you hear them tell you how they had to dig their loved ones for days…ohh and some are still buried under heavy stones or washed away in the rivers,” she wrote.

Taking to social media, Ayanda shared photos from her visits and revealed that there’s still much work to be done.

“We have done our little bit to donate towards funerals and other emergencies but it’s not enough as there’s way too many people in need.”

“I’m pleading with business owners who are rural born to check our people. Already it’s difficult to burry one person, most of these people have from 2 to 10 bodies per family to burry soon. Anything you can bring forward please do! Mostly they need WATER ASAP! They are currently drinking dirty water , my team and I are trying our best to deliver water but it’s not enough, more litres are needed urgently! Thank you to INdwedwe and Insuze Police Stations for helping us locate the bereaved families with such integrity,” she ended her note.

Check out photos below:

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