Bonang and Mzansi react to Kanye dragging Trevor Noah

South African media personality Bonang Matheba – has reacted to American rapper and billionaire Kanye West dragging comedian Trevor Noah in the Kimye drama.

The BNG ambassador responded to a tweet by one of Noah’s fans who brought up Kanye’s now-deleted Instagram post about the comedian.  

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Trevor Noah’s media personality friend – Bonang Matheba has responded to Kanye West’s since-deleted racist Instagram post on Twitter.   

A fan of Noah tweeted a screenshot of Kanye’s Instagram post about the comedian  

“This is only visible to my followers right?”   

To which Bonang replied:

“Gurl! Let’s go to Wyoming. I’m mad as hell too.”  

Trevor Noah hit the Twitter trend list this week after he raised concerns about Kimye’s drama on The Daily Show.  

In one of his recent episodes of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah weighed in on the Ye, Kim Kardashian, and Pete Davidson unending social media spats.   

“What we’re seeing is one of the most powerful, richest women in the world unable to get her ex to stop texting her, to stop chasing after her, to stop harassing her. Think about how powerful Kim Kardashian is, and she can’t get that to happen… I grew up my whole life in an abusive household.”  

“One of the things I found most interesting was how many people told my mom that she was overreacting. People told my mom to calm down… You see a world where women are questioned for what is happening to them as opposed to people questioning what is happening to them. If Kim can’t escape this, what chance do normal women have?”  

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Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy Kanye West – now known as Ye made headlines yesterday (16 March) when he took to his Instagram and posted a since-deleted picture of Trevor Noah with the lyrics to a song called Kumbaya.   

“All in together now … Koon baya my lord koon baya Koon baya my lord Koon baya Oooo’ lord Koon baya.” 

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