Business Talk – 10X Investments CEO Tobie van Heerden on the acquisition of CoreShares

Tobie van Heerden is the chief executive officer at 10X Investments – a top South African financial services company that focuses on providing low fees and effortless investing.

Van Heerden moved back to South Africa to join 10X as its CEO after spending 10 years in Asia running the Middle East and South East Asia businesses for Ninety One.

He is a qualified actuary and also has a Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice qualification from global leadership school INSEAD.

He is focused on applying his skills and experience gained overseas to help 10X  make wealth creation accessible and attainable for South Africans.

In this episode of Business Talk Leading with Tech, van Heerden discusses the recent agreement to acquire CoreShares in a merger that will create an independent, full-service asset manager with more than R31 billion in assets under management.

He explains that the companies share strong similarities in terms of their cultures, making the merger a great fit. He also expands on what each entity will bring to the table and how this will ultimately allow 10X Investments to become a true full-service asset management provider.

Van Heerden also touches on pertinent industry topics – such as the differences between active and passive investing, as well as the proposed two-pot system that would allow South Africans to access a portion of their retirement savings.

The chief executive also talks about the differences between trading and investing and concludes by explaining the importance of educating South Africans about investing.

The full interview with Tobie van Heerden can be watched below.


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