Business Talk – Gordon Little discusses commercial banking trends in 2022

Gordon Little is the CEO of FNB Commercial, where he provides South African businesses with industry-leading financial services.

Little has nearly 28 years of experience in the financial services industry and previously worked in important positions at Absa, Liberty, and Rand Merchant Bank.

He has been the CEO of FNB Commercial since January 2020 and is passionate about helping South African businesses – especially given the recent global financial struggles.

In this Business Talk interview, Little explains how FNB has supported South African businesses through these trying times.

He then discusses how the level 1 lockdown has helped businesses recover, referencing FNB Commercial’s unique insight into customer spending as evidence.

He also talks about how FNB has been recognised for its market-leading services and explains what makes these services stand out from the competition.

Little then discusses how FNB Commercial is heavily focused on improving the banking experience for South African businesses through offerings that add value in the areas where businesses need and want it most.

The interview also covers the role Little believes cryptocurrency will play within the commercial banking sector moving forward, as well as other key trends Little expects to impact the commercial banking industry this year.

Little concludes by discussing FNB Commercial’s plans for the rest of this year.

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