Caramilk Mousse Cake exists and it’s now available in New Zealand!

Calling all Caramilk lovers! We have your favourite new treat!

Introducing Cadbury Caramilk Mousse Cake.

Yes, you read that right, Caramilk Mousse Cake now exits!!

This new, mouth-watering dessert – created thanks to a new team-up from Sara Lee and Cadbury – includes real Caramilk chocolate, delivering its unique and celebrated blend of caramelised white chocolate in an elevated, creamy mousse cake. 

This one-of-a-kind cake features a delicious Caramilk mousse layer, topped with a decadent Caramilk sauce, sprinkled with Caramilk Flake chocolate, all on a scrumptious biscuit base, proving you can never have too much of that golden goodness.

Perfect on its own or paired with ice cream, Kiwi Caramilk lovers can now pick up the new Caramilk Mousse Cake – which in the freezer section at your favourite supermarket now

BRB just running down to the supermarket as fast as possible!

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