Check out these travel hacks we wish we knew sooner

With the New Zealand borders opening, we’re seeing a lot more people head overseas for holidays. 

The travel groups on Facebook are getting their buzz back – with a large amount of users taking to these groups to ask for advice.

One user in the Girls Love Travel Facebook group asked, “What’s your Number One Go To Travel Hack?” – which has resulted in over 800 very helpful comments.

Whether you’re planning to head off soon or are just thinking about it, we’ve gone through the list and have picked out our favourites:

– Download Google maps or maps.me offline and adjust the area to the entire part of the country/countries you’ll be in so that you can easily use it offline

– Use Google maps to save all those recommended restaurants, coffee shops, sights to see, etc. That way when you’re in a particular area of town, you can easily pull up what’s nearby that others told you about. This has come in clutch so many times!

– Listen to Google maps with headphones on if you’re travelling alone, to look like you know where you’re going

– Pack efficiently using packing cubes – they keep everything organised and you’re far less likely to lose anything!

– Pack dryer sheets and put between dirty clothes to keep them smelling fresh if you can’t wash them

– Bring a head lamp. If you arrive somewhere late and dark or power goes it will come in handy

– Don’t keep all your IDs & ccs in 1 place. Split them between different bags if you can, but at least different pockets. If 1 set is stolen you have the others

– Pack a pair of flip flops as a backup pair of light shoes

– Always have a sarong. A sarong has so many uses- towel, curtains for bottom bunk, pillow, blanket, picnic rug, skirt, dress, cape , eye mask, decotation, scarf…

– Check in for my flight in person. It’s amazing how many seat upgrades you miss out on when you check in online.

– Set your watch to the time where you’re travelling to as soon as you get on the plane. Eat and sleep according to this and no jet lag

If you’re lucky enough to be able to head away overseas, we hope you’ve taken note!

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