Court date set for cannibal who KILLED man then ATE his genitals

More than two years after carrying out a brutal murder, a man is scheduled to return to court for the finalisation of the trial, which shocked people beyond measure. It’s an unthinkable act: Mark Latunski allegedly confessed to viciously killing 25-year-old Kevin Bacon, a hair stylist he had met on the gay dating app Grindr.

In addition to murdering Bacon, Latunski is said to have slit his throat, hung him in a basement and eaten his genitals. According to police, Bacon was found hanging naked by his ankles from the ceiling in Latunski’s home in Bennington Township, Michigan, in the United States (US) on 28 December 2019.


According to court documents, Mark Latunski had a twisted sexual fetish which involved lots of violence and unfortunately for Kevin Bacon, he was made the sacrificial lamb in a crime that shook the local community.

“What was released shows that Kevin had a dark side. He obviously got into something that he wasn’t prepared for. I’m going to remember him how everyone else remembers him, that he’s a good person who was passionate and cares for people,” the victim’s father Karl Bacon told FOX Detroit back in 2020.

In October 2020, a judge ruled that Latunski is fit to stand trial. He has been in a Michigan jail for about two years and the matter will continue on 3 February 2022.

Bacon met Latunski on Christmas Eve in 2019 after the two allegedly connected on Grindr. He was reported missing the following day. Court documents claim Latunski would sometimes stop taking medication for mental health issues, an aspect which at some point had turned the case on its head.

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