Court dismisses Mama Jackie’s urgent case

The High Court in Johannesburg has dismissed an urgent application brought by Jacqueline “Mama Jackie” Mpambani, the mother of Jub Jub, demanding that rape claims against the television presenter be removed from social media.

Former radio host and current government spokesperson Masechaba Khumalo and media personality Amanda Du Pont made bombshell allegations of rape against Jub Jub, whose real name is Molemo Maarohanye.

Du Pont also claimed that Mama Jackie and Jub Jub use muthi, or witchcraft to keep them going strong.


Well, Mama Jackie approached the courts on an urgent basis, arguing that both Amanda Du Pont and Masechaba Khumalo’s allegations were defamatory and also put her life in danger.

“On 5 December 2021, a few days after the first respondent (Du-Pont) posted her video on both Facebook and Instagram, I attended the Southgate Mall in Southgate, Johannesburg South,” Mpambani said in her court papers.

“Just as I was about to enter the shops, a stranger shouted at me that I was a witch. Very quickly, a crowd gathered, shouting at me that I bewitched the first respondent, that my son did not go to jail because I was a witch, and became progressively more aggressive to the point that I had to run back to my car and drive away,”

Jacqueline “Mama Jackie” Mpambani

In her ruling, Judge Shanaaz Mia found that Mama Jackie’s application was not urgent.

Avocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, who was representing both Du Pont and Khumalo, told the court that what Mama Jackie was asking for was to silence rape victims.

“What she asked for is a gagging order and it should not be granted because it is direct infringement. What makes it more inappropriate is that it is suppressing the ability of rape victims to speak their truth. It’s saying to them, ‘Never repeat the fact that you were raped,’” Ngcukaitobi said.

In addition, he denied Mama Jackie’s claim that Du Pont was calling her a witch.

“The entire basis for urgency is that she has been called a witch. It is Ms Mpambani who calls herself a witch. She [Du-Pont] said she uses muti. There is no link between muti and witchcraft. Muti is medicine, it’s just like Panado.”

Avocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi

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