Discovery announces measures to help clients hit by Comair grounding

Financial services group Discovery says it will help customers impacted by Coamir’s flight groundings by giving them access to funds, which will allow them to make alternative arrangements.

Comair, which operates Kulula and domestic British Airways flights in South Africa, has suspended all of its flights in South Africa as it looks for additional funding.

In a note published on social media, Discovery Vitality chief executive Dinesh Govender said the cancelled flights would impact both families and business people. He added that clients were uncertain about their next steps in claiming funds back or rescheduling flights.

“The cost of making an alternative arrangement is also painful, even unaffordable. If the flight is only suspended (and not yet cancelled), the uncertainty makes deciding on whether to spend time, money and effort in making alternative arrangements more stressful.

“To try to help alleviate the stress and disruption, Vitality has worked with Discovery Bank to assist members to have access to funds to make alternative arrangements.”

Govender said that the following measures were being introduced to help those impacted:

  • For Vitality members with a Discovery Bank account who have a discounted flight booked to depart between 1 and 7 June 2022, Discovery Bank has automatically refunded the amount Vitality members spent on that flight into their Discovery Bank account.
  • Members can use these funds to make alternative flight bookings on the Vitality Travel platform.
  • Discovery Bank will extend this refund solution to all Comair flights cancelled due to this issue as and when the expected duration of the suspension becomes clearer.

“While Comair’s own internal refund and credit processes will still apply for all other affected members, we are working on alternative booking and refund solutions for all Vitality members, to be announced before the end of June.

“In the meantime, affected Vitality members who are not Discovery Bank clients can open a Discovery Bank account (even just a savings account) anytime this month to facilitate the refund. We apologise to those affected, and hope this support helps alleviate their situation,” he said.

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