“Don’t cry or throw yourself at me,” AKA lectures his fans

AKA has cautioned his fans on how to behave when they meet him.

A few days ago, a video of a fan crying upon meeting the rapper went viral and it garnered mixed reviews; it appears Supa Mega wasn’t cool with the act and he’s taken time to school the Megacy on social media.

Kiernan doesn’t expect you to throw yourself at him, cry or get on your knees when you meet him.

“Falling to your knees and crying your eyes out as a grown man when you meet me is a bit over the top. Pull yourself together man,” he tweeted.

AKA says all of these emotional display makes him cringe.

“There’s nothing wrong with shedding a young tear or being emotional. But then there’s literally throwing yourself on the ground like I’m Jesus or something. That shit is cringe as fuck,” he added.

Explaining all he’s said, the rapper wrote, “Many famous people have been killed at the hands of their “biggest fans” …”

However, the rap star is cool with fans drawing a tattoo of him on their body.

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