Eskom to suspend load shedding on Sunday

Eskom will suspend load shedding at 20h00 on Sunday evening (13 March) following sufficient recovery in generation capacity.

“Eskom takes its mandate of supplying electricity to South Africa seriously and is fully aware of the impact load shedding is having on the whole country. Unfortunately, at times, it becomes necessary to implement load shedding in order to protect the system and prevent a blackout,” it said in a statement.

Total breakdowns have been reduced to 12,422MW while planned maintenance is 6,540MW of capacity, the state power utility said.

“Since Friday, Eskom teams have returned four generation units to service. The emergency generation reserves have also sufficiently recovered. Eight other generating units are expected to return to service by Wednesday evening.

“The system will remain constrained on Monday and Tuesday and it is expected that extensive use of emergency reserves will be required ahead of the units returning. Eskom, therefore, requests the assistance of all South Africans to continue using electricity sparingly,” Eskom said.

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