Eva Modika gets Brazilian butt lift and another liposuction


Eva Modika has revealed that she is finally going under the knife.

The star revealed that she is in Istanbul; Turkey getting her BBL and liposuction at The Clinique.

The Diamond and Dolls reality show star flew to Turkey from South Africa to get a Bazillion Butt Lift – which is a cosmetic procedure that involves transferring fat from one part of the body to help create more fullness in your backside, as well as a 360 liposuction procedure on her stomach for a “snatched waist”.

Eva shared a video of herself in the clinic giving her fans details regarding her surgery.

She said the procedures cost R65 000 and she is excited to be taking this step.

Many of her fans and other celebrities took to the comment section to encourage her and wish her a quick recovery.

Eva wrote: “You ain’t f**k me you f**cked the old body, ain’t no miles here we got the new body…. @the_clinique really came through when I was struggling from my first procedure. Fibroids, lump and a really hard tummy from my first liposuction. I did not have enough fat but I tried to gain weight 🥲 lipo + bbl.”

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