Faith Nketsi allegedly accused of being a sex worker


Faith Nketsi has been accused of being a sex worker but she is yet to say anything about it.

It all started when a popular Twitter influencer and Mzansi’s self-crowned King of Black Twitter, @ChrisExcel102, recently took to the platform to share a bunch of hot takes on women who go through life enjoying what is often termed as “pretty privilege”.

The influencer went on to list some of the things some beautiful women get away with claiming anyone who does those things should be categorised as a sex worker.

Among the things he gave as a red flag is those ladies who are invited to attend lavish parties just because they are attractive.

He said that most of these women usually have a Gmail address on their Instagram profiles, as the primary means of communication for people to contact them for bookings.

No name was mentioned but trust tweeps who called out Faith as number one candidate as she was first known to be a Queen Twerk and struggled to came into spotlight.

Well, she is a full fledged entertainer and she is now getting accused of being a sex worker.

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