Government workers in South Africa to get ‘anti-discrimination’ course

Public Service and Administration minister Ayanda Dlodlo has urged public servants in national and provincial government departments to enrol for the newly-established anti-discrimination online course.

The online course was developed for public servants with the purpose of promoting an end to discrimination in the public service among public servants, as well as discrimination meted out by public servants to the public, Dlodlo said.

“The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) has issued Circular 11 of 2021 to heads of department nationally and provincially informing them about the course to ensure the enrolment of public servants,” she said.

The minister said the course will help public servants in the following areas:

  • To critically reflect on their own beliefs, attitudes, thought patterns, and behaviour.
  • Identify and apply relevant strategies to challenge discrimination in all contexts.
  • Examine legislation that addresses discriminatory processes and plan how these principles can be applied.
  • Assess their departmental policies and practices in the light of global anti-discrimination standards.
  • Initiate and support anti-discriminatory behaviour in the public sector.

“The course seeks to challenge our behaviours and attitudes towards our fellow citizens and attempts to bring to awareness our less than noble intentions while assisting us in making appropriate changes.

“A positive change will reflect our conduct to our fellow staff members and, more importantly, the members of the public that we are called upon to serve,” said Dlodlo.

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