Government’s new website ridiculed for ‘looking like a Grade 8 IT project’

Web developers, look away now: DigiTech has been described as a platform for digital products and applications created by SMMEs in South Africa. It was launched last week, with the goal of serving as an ‘app store’ for locally-developed businesses.

However, the project has gone down like a lead balloon – with critics comparing DigiTech to a ‘Grade 8 IT project’. Ouch…

SMME app store becomes source of ridicule for ANC government

What’s wrong, we hear you ask? Well, just about everything, really. There are serious safety concerns for users and their private information, and navigating the site has proved to be both puzzling AND infuriating. The list goes on…

  • The registration page asks developers whether they understand the Foreign Trade Exchange act – a law which does not exist.
  • ID numbers provided on the website are insecure, and have been found to be leaked elsewhere.
  • User safety, as a result, has already been compromised.
  • Netlflix show Stranger Things appears as one of the Apps on the Marketplace page – it is meant to promote SA businesses.
  • There are no links to download the app or any additional information provided about the technology.
  • The website does not fulfil the function of an app store – due to its serious lack of skill in its design and construction.

DigiTech website compared to ‘Grade 8 project’

Solly Malatsi is the DA Shadow Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Services. He has lambasted the site for its ‘extremely low quality’, and revealed that he would IMMEDIATELY submit questions to Parliament, in a bid to determine what DigiTech has cost the taxpayer.

“The website is of an extremely low quality, and does not fulfil the function of an ‘app store’ at all. In fact, embarrassingly it is merely a collection of embedded promotional YouTube videos. It looks like a Grade 8 IT project.”

“The DA will be submitting Parliamentary questions to determine who the developer of the Department of Communications and Digital Technology’s newly-launched Digitech website was, how much it cost, how much the maintenance and upkeep of the website will cost.”

Solly Malatsi

We weren’t kidding about that Stranger Things trailer appearing on the site, by the way…

A trailer for ‘Stranger Things’ seems apt while browsing the DigiTech website, to be fair – Photo: Supplied

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