Has Coldplay just teased that they are coming to New Zealand?

Could Coldplay have their eyes on NZ?!

Fans have started speculating as a Coldplay cryptic Spotify canvas was uploaded and Tweeted from their Alien Radio Twitter account –

Fan accounts then picked it up and they have appeared to ‘crack’ the code which was written in their ‘Kaotican’ language: 

That sure looks like something promising to us… 

Coldplay kicks off their Music of the Spheres World Tour this week, starting in Latin America, heading through North America, then Europe and then back again to Latin America through to the end of October… which means if they are coming down under, it could be November/December or early next year…? 

Keeping our eyes on this one – as they say, Coldplay’s concerts are one of the best, and this is something we don’t want to miss out on. 

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