Here’s where to find the best hot crossed buns in New Zealand according to Consumer NZ

The country’s best supermarket hot cross buns have been tasted and voted on and results show traditional is best – as long as it is slathered in butter.

Consumer NZ has released its findings after blind taste-testing 11 different varieties available in supermarkets around the country; from the traditional raisin and spice recipe to the not-so-traditional chocolate kind.

Two supermarket hot cross buns took out first place.

Fresh Choice hot cross buns (half a dozen for $4.99) and the Countdown traditional hot cross buns (half a dozen for $3.50) were dubbed the “clear crowd-pleasers”.

“The winning hot cross buns were described as traditional with a soft texture balanced with spice and fruit that was warmed then slathered with butter.”

One taste-tester said the Fresh Choice buns had a good amount of spice and chew.

“A whisky of a hot cross bun,” he said.

The traditional buns found at Countdown were cheap but very tasty, the panel said.

“Gentle spice, good texture. It tastes of Easter.”

Of the non-traditional hot cross buns featured in the test, the gooey peanut butter choc cross bun from New World (half a dozen for $5.99) did not fare well with taste-testers.

It was said to have an unusual flavour and texture combination.

The other non-traditional offerings available from Countdown – white chocolate and raspberry hot cross buns and chocolate orange hot cross buns – were both criticised by the panel.

The panel was upset that chocolate had been added to the hot cross buns.

Even the brioche hot cross buns introduced a number of years ago remained a no-go, according to the panel of taste-testers.

Consumer NZ’s James le Page said: “The panel has spoken. Traditional is the way to go. Without spice, it doesn’t taste of Easter. Our advice – get rid of all the imposters!

Category one: The classic

Worst: Pak’nSave – Bakery hot cross fruit spice buns
Second place: New World – Bakery hot cross fruit spice buns
Best: Countdown – traditional hot cross buns, FreshChoice – hot cross buns

Category two: The brioche

Worst: Pak’nSave – Brioche hot cross buns, New World – Brioche hot cross buns
Best: Countdown – Brioche hot cross buns

The wildcards

Worst: New World – Gooey peanut butter choc cross buns, Countdown – White chocolate and raspberry hot cross buns
Second place: Countdown – Chocolate orange hot cross buns
Best: Countdown – Cookie Time cookie smash choc cross buns

This article was first published in NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.

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