How In-House Branding produced award-winning prints with AM.CO.ZA

AM.CO.ZA is a leading supplier of large-format printing solutions for industrial applications and offers a wide variety of options to take care of all your printing needs.

Its high-quality solutions recently helped one of its clients, In-House Branding, win two awards at the prestigious The GAPP Awards ceremony.

In-House Branding is an interior design and décor company that specialises in large-print sublimation, screen printing, and DTF (Direct to Film) printing.

It recently entered The GAPP Awards – a competition for companies active in the printing, packaging, and signage industry in Southern Africa – and walked away a winner.

With a printer and heat press from AM.CO.ZA, In-House Branding was able to take its clients’ designs and produce high-quality printed and finished décor items – with this work winning two awards in the Large-Format Interior Décor Category.

This is particularly impressive considering In-House Branding only bought its printers from AM.CO.ZA less than a year ago, and thanks to AM.CO.ZA’s impressive solutions and support it was able to produce award-winning prints in a short time.

“We looked at a number of systems and solutions, and we found that the products from Advanced Machinery (AM) offered a number of specific advantages,” said In-House Branding cofounder Jason Brett.

This included the fact that “the AM.CO.ZA printer and heat-press, as well as the controlling printing software, are easy to learn and use.”

“When we needed help or assistance, a technician from Advanced Machinery was available to assist us, either in person or online, to help us gain the information and experience we required to be able to achieve the desired result,” said In-House Branding.

“All of these are factors which made the AM.CO.ZA printer and heat press so attractive to us.”

AM.CO.ZA printing solutions

AM.CO.ZA’s large-format printers are equipped with a variety of unique features that enable you to produce the best possible prints.

These features include:

  • CMYK bulk ink system – Two levels of ink supply for printing continuity.
  • Automatic pinch roller – Wide pinch roller that reduces press marks.
  • Integrated paper feeder – Rolled media feeding device provides increased media tension for flatness.
  • Optical media sensor – Pauses printing when running out of printing media.
  • Servo motor printing – Fast printing speed and high accuracy movement which results in high-quality printing results.
  • Status indication light – Increases productivity by showing the printing status.

“We are very proud of the achievements of In-House Branding at The GAPP Awards 2022,” said Eric Yin, Managing Director of AM.CO.ZA.

“In-House Branding is proof that even a small company can produce work of the highest quality which can win awards,” said Yin.

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