How the new Triton bakkie compares to the Ranger, the Hilux and others in South Africa – pricing and power

The new Mitsubishi Triton GL has reached South African shores with the aim of being an affordable pickup for fleet owners and small and medium enterprises.

“At the competitive price of R469,995 – The Triton Double Cab GL features an intercooled turbodiesel engine, with 100kW of power and 324Nm of peak torque, making the range more accessible than ever before,” said Mitsubishi.

The new bakkie is exclusively available as a 4×2 with a six-speed transmission and offers 8.0 litres/100km.

The Triton GL includes an anti-lock braking system, electric brakeforce distribution (EBD) and child seat anchors, while creature comforts include keyless entry, central locking, an immobiliser, electric windows, an automatic air-conditioning system and a touchscreen with Android Auto or Apple Car play as an optional extra.

The Triton comes at a time when the South African bakkie market is eagerly awaiting updated versions of staple brands including the 2022 Ford Ranger.

The next-generation Ford Ranger is set to be introduced in the second quarter of 2022 and bring with it a 3.0 litre, V6 engine.

Triton GL

Base model Top of the range
Name Trition 2.4L DI-DC M/T GL 4×2 Triton 2.4L DI-DC M/T 4×4 Xtreme
Price R479 995 R734 995
Power 100kW 133kW
Peak torque 324Nm 430Nm
Petrol 8.0L/100km 8.3L/100km

BusinessTech compared the new Mitsubishi to 10 double-cab bakkies from the biggest carmakers:

Ford Ranger

Base model Top of the range
Name Ranger 2.2 RDCi SuperCab 4×2 Hi-Rider Ranger 2.0Bi-turbo 4×4 Raptor Special Edition
Price R404 700 R977 400
Power 88kW 157kW
Peak torque 285Nm 500Nm
Petrol 6.5L/100km 8.3L/100km

Toyota Hilux

Base model Top of the range
Name Hilux 2.7 VVTi RB S 5MT Hilux 2.8 GD6 4×4 Legend RS AT
Price R465 200 R891 200
Power 122kW 150kW
Peak torque 245Nm 500Nm
Petrol 10.7L/100km 8.0L/100km

Isuzu D-Max

Base model Top of the range
Name D-Max 250 D-Max 300 3.0TD 4×4 LX Artic Trucks AT 35
Price R424 900 R925 100
Power 100kW 130kW
Peak torque 320Nm 380Nm
Petrol 7.7L/100km 8.6L/100km

Peugeot Landtrek

Base model Top of the range
Name Landtrek 1.9TD Allure Landtrek 1.9TD 4Action 4×4
Price R579 900 R669 900
Power 110kW 110kW
Peak torque 350Nm 350Nm
Petrol 8.9L/100km 9.1L/100km

GWM P-Series

Base model Top of the range
Name P-series 2.0TD SX P-series 2.0TD LT 4×4
Price R359 900 R574 900
Power 120kW 120kW
Peak torque 400Nm 400Nm
Petrol 9.8L/100km 9.4L/100km

GWM Steed

Base model Top of the range
Name Steed 5 2.2 Mpi 4×2 Steed 5 2,0 VGT 4×4 SX
Price R230 900 R354 900
Power 73kW 105kW
Peak torque 180Nm 305Nm
Petrol 9.8L/100km 8.3L/100km

Nissan Navara

Base model Top of the range
Name Navara 2.5DDTi SE Navara 2.5DDTi PRO-4X 4×4
Price R489 900 R773 900
Power 120kW 140kW
Peak torque 403Nm 450Nm
Petrol 7.2L/100km 8.1L/100km

Toyota Land Cruiser 

Base model Top of the range
Name Land Cruiser LC79 4.0 Petrol SC Land Cruiser LC79 4.5 D V8 D/C 70th Ed
Price R659 000 R952 500
Power 170kW @ 5200r/min 151kW @ 3400r/min
Peak torque 360Nm 430Nm
Petrol 11.9L/100km 11.9L/100km

VW Amarok

Base model Top of the range
Name Amarok 2.0BiTDI Highline 4Motion Amarok 3.0 V6 TDI Extreme 4Motion
Price R751 400 R1 057 500
Power 132kW 190kW
Peak torque 400Nm 580Nm
Petrol 8.6L/100km 9.5L/100km

Mahindra Scorpio Pik-Up

Base model Top of the range
Name S6 4×2 DC MT S11 4×4 DC Karoo
Price R349 999 R472 999
Power 103kW 103kW
Peak torque 320Nm 320Nm
Petrol 7.9L/100km 7.9L/100km

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