How to place yourself as a thought leader in front of South Africa’s biggest business audience

BusinessTech is the largest and most influential business news website in South Africa, and the perfect platform for you to position yourself as a thought leader.

Read by 7 million readers each month, the majority of BusinessTech’s audience consists of C-level executives, business owners, company directors, managers, and professionals.

This includes:

  • CEO/Director – 131,000
  • Business Owner – 856,000
  • Senior Management – 712,000

These readers are highly influential in the companies they work for, and are responsible for a range of strategic and purchasing decisions.

How to be a thought leader on BusinessTech

BusinessTech offers two excellent options aimed at elevating you as a thought leader in your industry.

The first is a Thought Leadership Content package, which allows you to publish your thought leadership articles and commentary on BusinessTech.

This content is published on BusinessTech and posted to its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

The second option is an Executive Interview package on Business Talk with Michael Avery.

As South Africa’s leading online business talk show, this video interview provides excellent exposure to a business-focused audience – and is shared across all BusinessTech’s channels.

To find out more, contact BusinessTech’s marketing team.

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