Increasing access and inclusion to private healthcare facilities

EMERGIVAC Ambassadors: (Left to Right) Yusuf Abramjee, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Riaad Moosa – ‘emergency activation in the palm of your hand and at your fingertips’

It is estimated that less than 20% of South Africans have access to medical cover.

South Africa works on a two-tier healthcare system – a large subsidized public sector and a small, but very high-quality, private sector.

With significant funding devoted to the private sector, there is a significant gap between public and private healthcare standards.

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EMERGIVAC therefore offers a bundling of emergency-type solutions aggregated in a single App user experience that is accessible at the touch of a button.

This places accessibility in the palm of your hand and at your fingertips – a utility that would otherwise be unavailable to ‘the man in the street,’ said Mr Dalais.

Whilst offering a number of value-added services (VAS) experiences, the core benefit and differentiator in the marketplace is EMERGIVAC’s hospital admission guarantee – more pointedly, private hospital admission guarantee.

In the event of an emergency, accident, and/or illness (the customer has some choice), an ambulance is deployed to the scene, the member assessed and stabilised, and if required, evacuated to the nearest private hospital.

In severe and critical circumstances, this evacuation can take place by way of helicopter.

EMERGIVAC is priced from R 249 for an individual and private hospital admissions guarantee cover can extend to as high as R375,000 for the family option.

“Whilst not a medical aid, the EMERGIVAC solution plugs a hole in a market defined in medical aid terms, offering affordable cover for those who cannot afford a medical aid and would otherwise be excluded from effective treatment,” explained EMERGIVAC CEO Dion Dalais.

“At minimum, EMERGIVAC will ensure immediate and decisive response – supported by a slick admissions back-end and contact centre – and effective treatment in the event of life-altering incidents.

It is ultimately the big, traumatic events that shape the trajectory of our lives,” he added.

There are no medical exclusions or medical pre-condition evaluations in terms of eligibility.

Some of the VAS products – all App enabled – include the following:

Protect Me

This is effectively an on-demand armed reaction service available 24/7 in the event of danger, attack, or other kind of threat.

EMERGIVAC has 2,500 response units available in South Africa that are ready to assist you in your moment of need – whether this is at work, home, or out and about.

In the event you feel unsafe, a touch of the ‘Protect Me’ button in-app will send an autonomous message to the five nearest response vehicles in relation the member’s location.

The closest available vehicle will accept the panic activation via an in-vehicle responder device and is navigated directly to the incident location through built-in tracking and tracing.

All tracking activity is visible to the customer in the typical ‘Uber’ fashion.

Roadside Assist

Roadside Assist is available 24/7 for mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

Smart, decisive help can mean the difference between being stranded for hours or getting assistance when you need it most.

EMERGIVAC aims to reduce opportunistic crime by way of smarter and slicker roadside response.

Household Assist

Household assistance is available at the tap of a button and gives you access to the right services at the right time.

These services include plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, as well as large appliance repair technicians.

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The EMERGIVAC advantage

With integrated and multi-touch response solutions that are supported by well-trained support staff (including paramedics, armed response officers and technicians), EMERGIVAC is on course to becoming an industry leader in providing accessibility to effective medical treatment and emergency intervention solutions.

On signup with EMERGIVAC, members get immediate access to all VAS products – even before the first payment is made.

EMERGIVAC aims to spread the inclusion net wider – certainly in the medical realm but also in the domain of safety and security – and will continue to iterate the product for relevance both to members as well as society.

Additionally, while EMERGIVAC was initially developed as a B2C product, it has quickly found a niche as a staff benefit. It is a great reward to add to remuneration packages to improve staff retention, engagement, and wellness – which ultimately increases organizational morale.

Employers can fund 100% of policy costs or implement a shared-cost model with their employees – EMERGIVAC is happy to work with employers to find the right solution.

Trauma is often a natural fallout from a tenuous society – with EMERGIVAC, you get ‘protection’ that offers vastly superior value than you would expect at the price.

Contact number: 010 745 7460

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