Inno Morolong flaunts new body worth R200k (Photo)

South African Influencer, Inno Morolong buys a new body worth R200 000.

She’s made headlines last year over undergoing surgery for a new body, and she’s finally unveiled the body a few weeks ago.

“Years back I had a small body and was a beauty pageant queen but everything changed after I had a baby. I gained weight and became chubby,” she told Daily Sun.

“But with the industry I’m in, doing events, being an influencer and a socialite, I decided that I wanted to look good,” she added.

Speaking with the publication, the 29-year-old said she got the new body in other to wear whatever she likes freely; she also opened up about the procedure.

“It was a huge procedure. They had to take out a lot of fat from my back, stomach and sides, and contour it to give me the hourglass shape that I have now. They then transferred the fat into my buttocks,” said Inno.

“The road to surgery took two months. I went for consultations, I had to quit alcohol and everything else to be free of chemicals. I had to prepare my mind.”

“I’ve gone through childbirth and I’ve had neck surgery but this was the most painful procedure I have ever done,” she said.

The money spent on the surgery was a total of R150k, but she had to pay an extra R50k for aftercare, which she didn’t know of initially.

Inno said she wasn’t also informed of the aftereffect, but she’s excited about the new body, and she will get her money back.

“You could lose your mind. Your body and mind are in shock. That’s why there was a time where I was trending last year because I lashed out when people provoked me,” she said.

The socialite will be doing another surgery soon, to lift her breasts.


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