Internet divided after tweet on paying for dinner party goes viral

A woman has taken to twitter to share her shock after going to a friend’s house house for dinner party and being asked to pay her share after she left. 

They enjoyed a couple servings of homemade pasta and shared the bottle of wine that she brought as a gift.

After she left, she received a Venmo payment request of $20 for the dinner. 

“This makes me not want to accept offerings in the future.” she tweeted back to herself. 

“I just paid and haven’t spoken since,” Amber said.

Her post went viral and has been liked more than 395,000 times with thousands weighing in.

Some, agreed that it was weird and shared their own experiences –

Others were on the side of the friend who charged – 

We suggest making the situation clear for the guest if you’re inviting them over so there’s no awkwardness!

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