Is it breakfast or dessert?

Want to level up your brunch game? Try this French toast with baked banana and cinnamon recipe. This delicious dish transforms breakfast almost into a dessert. The best part about brunches is the fact that you can eat something sweet first thing in the morning!

If you love French toasts, this recipe is a must-try. It brings some sweetness to this traditional breakfast recipe that every sweet tooth will love.

Variations to our French toast with baked banana and cinnamon recipe

Once you have tried this recipe, you may like to try out a few variations. This is the kind of recipe that can spark your imagination for more delicious combinations. If you want to add a refreshing variation to your French toast, top it with maple syrup and fresh berries. The savoury-sweet combo will explode on your taste buds.

Some other delightful variations are to try ham and cheese on your French toast.  Crispy bacon is also an excellent choice, or what about honey and mozzarella cheese? For some real indulgence, try peaches and cream. The options are endless and you can really allow your culinary creativity to sweep you off your feet.


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