Is SK Khoza suicidal? See his reaction to viral video

SK Khoza speaks out hours after flaring up in a video that went viral on social media.

The video didn’t sit well with most viewers, and many came to the conclusion that he’s struggling with mental issues.

Alarm was raised concerning the actor on Monday, as people fear that he might be under the influence or suicidal.

Taking to his Instagram stories, he shared a short cryptic statement.

“Maybe some of us were meant to live and be great another lifetime and this one is just not for us.”

It’s believed that the message was in response to all the reactions to the video of him.

Over the past few months, Khoza has gone through a series of problems, both in his career and even personal life.

From his ex-fiancee accusing him of assaulting her to being fired from The Queen tv show.

The viral video of the actor has raised lots of concern for social media users.

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