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If you love stone fruit you are in for a real treat with this peach and raspberry conserve recipe developed by food writer, Karen Hart. This is a fantastic way to enjoy the delicious flavour of peaches right through the winter.

Known collectively as stone fruit as they all have a pit or stone in the centre, peaches, plums and nectarines comprise several varieties of varying colours, tastes and textures, that ripen at different times throughout the season until early April.

Plums, peaches and nectarines are best enjoyed at the peak of freshness but by preserving their bounty you can enjoy summer goodness throughout the winter months. And this is exactly what this recipe brings you.

Serving suggestions for peach and raspberry conserve

This conserve is slightly softer than jam and is therefore ideal for serving with a really good vanilla ice cream. If you are a fan of traditional sago pudding on a cold winter’s day, this conserve recipe will also pair perfectly with it. Or enjoy it as a spectacular addition to Pavlova.

Dessert time will never be the same again after trying this conserve.

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