Jono & Ben’s Weak-End Episode 15

If you don’t place too much importance on the quality of your news then you have come to the right place, this is Jono and Ben’s Weak-End!

It was week two of Aunty Cindy’s “Party in the USA” as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern headed to visit President Joe Biden at the White House for a long rambling meeting and she had regret about her jacket choice. Maybe the biggest regret should have been taking New Zealand’s old Air Force plane to the USA, which embarrassingly broke down on arrival in DC. 

Ironically, the broken-down plane is called “Old Faithful Betty” or as it’s known now just “Old Betty”. The aircraft is ideal for taking diplomatic holidays, however not so ideal for returning from diplomatic holidays. The broken-down plane is news on the same week Top Gun Maverick came out to rave reviews. The Top Gun New Zealand version looks more like a 90-minute movie watching kiwi air force pilots calling around looking for spare parts.

This week Grammy Award-winning Cardi B captured footage of a yacht sinking while on holiday and Jono and Ben think if we don’t sign Cardi B as lead commentator for the next America’s Cup there has been a crime committed upon yachting.   

Speaking of crimes, a criminal seagull is stealing hearts and also bags of chips in the United Kingdom, while a confident lawn mower thief in Texas was caught on camera taking a lawn mower and then mowing the lawns of his victim in the middle of the night.

And finally, this week, Jono and Ben send out a big congratulations to Jazz Thornton who won the Covid edition of Dancing with the Stars but they’ve discovered a baseball kid who could give Jazz a run for her glitter ball trophy.

That’s all in this week’s episode of Jono & Ben’s Weak-End.

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