K Naomi remembers her mother 10 years after passing

K Naomi gets emotional as she remembers her late mother who died 10 years ago.

Taking to social media, the TV personality penned down a touching note, revealing how she misses her mother, and how her baby girl reminds her so much of her late mother.

“I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already and even after all this time, I still remember everything that happened on this day in 2012,” she started her note.

“I’ve never missed anyone as much as I do you. I wish you were here to guide and share these new chapters with me. Ama reminds me so much of you … I know you were going to make an incredible grandmother. I’ve learned so much about life through you and I’ve made the commitment to raise her well regardless of the challenges that life might throw at us.”

In conclusion, Naomi said, “I think about you always mommy. I love you.”

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