Kgotso Makgalema opens up about recovering from depression


Kgotso Makgalema says he has just recovered from depression.

The star opened up that his divorce left him with nothing resulting in him falling into depression.

“I went broke and when I was trying to pull myself up, Covid-19 took place. It was really bad. I lost everything. I went through a terrible depression”

Kgotso also said his fans helped him recover.

“During level five lockdown, when everything was put on hold and many people lost their jobs, my fans gathered. They donated money for me to be able to pay rent. They prayed for me. They did something that I will never forget”.

“Those people were there for me in difficult times. They are the reason why I didn’t commit suicide; they are the reason why I recovered from depression. I will always be grateful”.

Kgotso made it clear that he is in a good place now.


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