Lady Du’s father slams the amapiano star for claiming she grew up poor – Video


Lady Du has taken to her social media to reveal she is pained after her father publicly hurled insults at her.

The star says she has been left emotional and confused after the incident.

The video that went viral saw Lady Du’s father, DJ Choc, slammed the amapiano star for apparently making claims she grew up in poverty, saying he had afforded her a great life.

“I don’t know what Lady Du is talking about when she says she grew up poor. I worked hard and did everything for her in the world. She then went and h*ed around and ate money with all these men and she continues to spend money on these men.

“What is she doing now? She did not grow up poor, she had everything she needed. She is who she is because of me. Today you see me as a piece of sh*t but she can go around telling people she grew up poor,” he said.

Watch video below:


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