Let’s talk about ▆▆▆ and be in to win $200 with ANZ!

It’s true… us Kiwis often avoid talking about a certain word starting with ‘F’…finances! But now, more than ever, is an important time to get the money talk flowing.

So The Hits and ANZ have teamed up, to help us talk more openly about our finances. From what you’re spending, to what you’re saving.

Tune in from 4pm on The Hits with Brad and Laura, and you could win $200 every time you hear a song play with a money word bleeped out.

All thanks to ANZ – encouraging Kiwis to be more open about their finances to improve their financial wellbeing. 

Because it’s time for Kiwis to stop censoring ourselves when it comes to finances.   

From being honest about our spending, to sharing ideas and inspiration to budget better, talking about your finances could improve your financial wellbeing.   

We want talking about your finances to be as common and comfortable as talking about the weather.   

So challenge your mates to a saving spree, set yourself a spending goal, or break down your budget into essentials, treats, and savings. Whatever you choose to do, talk about it.   

To start the conversation and find out more, check out ANZ’s Financial Wellbeing Conversation Starters.

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