Love Where You Live with Guthrie Bowron

Guthrie Bowron gave you the chance last year to win a room make-over, so you can love where you live.

Three very lucky winners were chosen and their rooms are ready to go!

Hayley Brown, award-winning founder of Lou Brown Design, has worked her special magic using Guthrie Bowron’s wide range of decorating products, and has made each individual room look incredible.

Check out the rooms and their transformations below.

Winner: Chloe
Room: Children’s Bedroom

Hayley Brown weaved her special magic and the results in Chloe’s bedroom at seaside Cockle Bay are spectacular.

Winner: Lynette

Room: Beauty Room

Lynette Fray’s new beauty room is super-gorgeous and it’s already a local sensation. Lynette has been completely blown away by an absolutely stunning transformation at her Stratford home

Winner: Heather
Room: Spare Room

The room in which Hayley has woven her latest design magic is a very light, bright one where Heather loves to relax and read, while enjoying a cup of tea.

This article is sponsored by Guthrie Bowron.

All images have been supplied by Guthrie Bowron.

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