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Leading provider of governance, risk, compliance, and risk-based audit software solutions CURA has announced a new partnership with KeenCorp and Baker Street Software Solutions.

Baker Street Software Solutions is a reseller of the KeenCorp Index. KeenCorp is a Dutch software supplier and is a specialist in analysing business processes in global corporate organisations.

One of its flagship solutions is the KeenCorp Index, which makes measuring employee engagement simple and efficient.

The KeenCorp Index is an AI-driven dashboard that visualises how employees collaborate internally in real time.

This enables better decision-making for your business.

Human capital management

These partnerships align with CURA’s commitment to supporting organizations in their ever-expanding governance, risk and compliance responsibilities.

This now includes human capital management efforts through technology-based indexing solutions that cater to the uniqueness of each of your employees.

Engaged employees are among an organization’s greatest asset, and technology solutions like the KeenCorp Index allow for a proactive approach to fostering engagement.

Human capital also accounts for one of the largest sources of risk for an organisation.

The potential for human error, from safety accidents to financial mismanagement, can impact every facet of business.

Furthermore, malicious incidents such as fraud or embezzlement can arise if the signals are unapparent or ignored.

CURA’s partnership with Baker Street Software Solutions and KeenCorp is therefore extremely valuable to companies who want to take a risk-based approach to their human capital management.

KeenCorp Index and CURA

CURA can integrate the metrics of the KeenCorp Index into its own solutions, which allows businesses to respond immediately to increases in high-risk indicators – such as anxiety levels, employee engagement, and internal tension.

By using this functionality to power a preventative indication system, it becomes easy for businesses to monitor, measure, and mitigate any issues effectively.

This is particularly important for businesses that are running hybrid and remote workforces, as these companies are currently relying on employee feedback as the sole metric by which to monitor their human capital.

When using an AI-driven solution like the KeenCorp Index, you get an unbiased view of your employees – as well as the following benefits:

  • Employee Engagement – Gain a clear picture of employees’ anxiety and engagement, so you can respond quickly if issues arise.
  • Employee Retention – Identify low employee engagement and morale to retain valued employees.
  • Reputation – Avoid potentially damaging negative social media coverage by responding early to spikes in internal tension and stress.

Click here to learn more about CURA and the KeenCorp Index.

The KeenCorp Index is available through CURA and its partners in South Africa, Europe, and North America.

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