Married woman whipped 100 times for cheating, man only gets 15 lashes

An Indonesian woman recently faced a very harsh punishment in the form of lashes after she admitted to having a sexual affair with another man.

The married woman was caught with a married man and forced to admit that she cheated on her husband. The matter was taken to court and it was decided that she would be flogged 100 times in public.

The man who she slept with only got 15 lashes after he denied all wrongdoings.

Woman cringes in pain after getting 100 lashes for cheating on her husband

It was hell to pay for a young woman from a small conservative province called Aceh region in Western Indonesia after she confessed to committing adultery.

Ivan Najjar Alavi, the head of the general investigation division at East Aceh prosecutors office explained to AFP reporters how the court had ruled on one of the harsher punishments for the woman after she confessed to investigators that she had slept with another man.

The Aceh region which follows Sharia Law is world-renowned for its conservative ways and harsh punishments for crimes.

Daily Mail reports that is the only region in Muslim-majority Indonesia to impose Islamic law which sees people getting flogged for crimes such as adultery, gambling, drinking alcohol, and having same-sex sexual relationships.

In fact, in 2014, Aceh region approved an anti-homosexuality law that sees anyone getting caught during the act of gay sex being charged and handed 100 lashes.

Married man she cheated with walks away with only 15

The publication reports that the man with who she allegedly had the sexual affair only got 15 lashes after he successfully appealed against the initial 30 flogs that he was sentenced to.

According to AFP, at one stage during the flogging that was recorded by many people and shared online, the woman asked for a break because she could not handle the pain.

This is because he denied all claims of the affair and argued that the court could not prove it.

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