Mikey Dam feat. Rory Noble

Born in Palmerston North but now based in Auckland, Rory Noble has unleashed his single ‘What If I Can’t (feat. Mikey Dam.)’ The single is the third taste to his forthcoming debut EP ‘WHERE DO WE GO WHEN THE WORLD ENDS.’

‘What If I Can’t’ explores the dynamic of a relationship between two people. One having a hard time with work and life, and the other who is doubting themselves when it comes to what to do or say, but knows they want to make it right.

Speaking on his forthcoming EP, Noble explains “The project represents stories of the last three years of my life, and a lot of the times when anxiety was ruling my head. For me, it’s a vent. I hope other people can hear that I’ve been through all sorts of crazy situations but I’m still standing, breathing and here to tell the tale.”

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