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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, significantly accelerating the adoption of online shopping and therefore increasing digitalization in the retail sector.

This has created a strong demand for technology-driven retail solutions that can run on the cloud and the Internet, and can help retailers optimise their processes.

MTN Business offers a variety of retail-focused solutions using technologies such as IoT, SIP trunking, SD-WANs and PBX.

Digitisation of the retail industry

A key part of survival and business continuity for retailers in recent years has involved offering online services while operating at reduced staffing capacity due to the national lockdown.

To do this without reducing business efficiency, retailers have turned to IoT-based retail solutions such as sensors, RFID tags, barcodes, and GPS to monitor and manage their various assets.

For example, the addition of delivery services meant that these stores needed to track their vehicles – as customers expect to know the status of their order.

IoT GPS tools solve this problem and ensure that customers always know where their parcel is. This also protects both the customer and the retailer against goods being stolen by rogue couriers.

Retailers can also use IoT to streamline inventory management through automation. This includes receiving real-time automated notifications of low stock levels to ensure that shelves are always refilled.

Other digitalization solutions

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) are another valuable tool when modernising a retail business.

SD-WANs provides secure connections across all business services, which allows different branches of a franchise to easily and securely connect to the business’s datacentres.

It also provides retailers’ IT teams with centralised network management which reduces costs, improves security and malware protection, and facilitates expansion to more branches with minimal overheads.

Another service that retailers can benefit from is the use of bulk SMSs. When customers are not coming into their stores, retailers can use SMSs to advertise their specials and create brand awareness.

This can also be used to promote their services and increase customer engagement, while at the same time reducing advertising costs as it is a targeted promotion.

Additionally, retailers can benefit from SIP trunking, which connects their existing legacy PBX phone systems to the internet.

This enables them to extend their communications onto the Internet to be used from anywhere and at any time, which is particularly useful if your staff need to support your customers via phone while working remotely.

Digitalization solutions from MTN Business

These are just a few of MTN Business’s products that can support retailers in their digitalization process.

All of these are built on MTN’s award-winning network, which lets retailers know these solutions will run smoothly.

The increase in operational efficiency that MTN Business’s services bring ultimately reduces businesses’ labour costs, which then allows them to grow their operations.

These services can also remove accessibility barriers and maximise revenue to expedite your business’s digitalisation processes.

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