Musk takes his two-year-old ‘protégé’ son to business meetings

Canadian musician Claire Elise Boucher, popularly known as Grimes, revealed that her “baby daddy” Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk takes their two-year-old son X Æ A-XII, affectionately known as baby X on business meetings with him – in an interview with Vanity Fair published on 10 March. 


Vanity Fair revealed that Grimes and Elon Musk welcomed their second child together via surrogate in December 2021. All eyes and ears were on the baby girl, whose name is Exa Dark Sideræl but baby X also had some news. 

Baby X is considered to be his billionaire dad’s protégé and he goes along on business meetings with the SpaceX CEO. However, Grimes is still concerned over the baby’s future.

“Whatever is going on with family stuff, I just feel like kids need to stay out of it, and X is just out there. I mean, I think E is really seeing him as a protégé and bringing him to everything and stuff.… X is out there. His situation is like that. But, yeah, I don’t know,” she told the publication. 

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Musk brought the 18-month-old on stage at a Time event after being named Time’s Person of the Year. The billionaire was in the middle of a conversation with Time’s CEO as baby X calmly sat on his lap the whole time.

Musk has seven other children with his ex-wife Justine Musk – a son in 2002 named Nevada who passed away at just 10 weeks old because of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The pair also have 17-year-old twins Griffin and Xavier, and 16-year-old triplets Damian, Saxon and Kai.

Musk and Grimes, before they revealed they broke up… again… admitted to wanting three to four kids.

“We’ve always wanted at least three or four,” she said to Vanity Fair.

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