Must-Have technology in South Africa’s boardrooms

What is a board portal? Board portal software is a must-have in boardrooms, transforming paper-based corporate governance processes into digital workflows.

The board portal market is growing rapidly because software has fundamentally changed the way boards and executive leadership teams communicate.

Old-school paper processes are simply too inefficient to keep up in the modern world.

Today, regulatory scrutiny, greater globalisation, deeper competitive pressures, and stakeholder activity have increased the volume of work and the need for a digital solution.

To align with the changing needs of boards and executive leadership teams, many organisations have implemented board portal software.

A board portal helps optimise meeting management, streamline the board book creation process, and tighten information security.

Moreover, board portal software is designed with features to help save time, improve efficiencies, and enhance the effectiveness of meetings, collaboration, and decision-making for directors, leaders, and administrators alike.

Some board portal software benefits include:

  • Efficient Meeting Management: Administrators can use board portal software to create and host meetings, build agendas, share materials, track attendance, and more.
  • Improved Document Management: Think of a board portal as a document repository, allowing directors to view, edit, share, and search for materials.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Directors can take it a step further and use a board portal to add private or shared notes to materials and directly communicate with others all in one place.
  • Enhanced Corporate Governance: Board portal software supports an enhanced workflow for corporate governance processes and simplifies stages of the board meeting lifecycle.
  • Added Security: A board portal is designed with multiple layers of security to help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data stored within the software.
  • Paperless Experience: To keep up with the pace of today’s board work, move away from paper-based processes and save time by digitising workflows between various users and spaces.

When choosing a board portal, it is important for boards and executive leadership teams to assess their specific needs, current processes, and potential areas for improvement.

When evaluating whether board portal software is the right fit, consider factors like features and functionalities, security, adoptability, pricing, and the provider’s customer service.

If a board portal sounds like it could be the right fit to transform your corporate governance processes, but you want to learn more, download this All About Board Portals guide.

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