Nachos with mushrooms and queso: Hola Mexican food!

Bring a Mexican flair to your home with these mouth-watering nachos with mushrooms and queso. This recipe is loaded with all the delicious tastes you can expect from Mexican cuisine. Ranging from crunchy tortilla chips stacked with shredded chicken to add some meatiness, homemade queso as well as guacamole, sour cream and an appetising salsa, you have a real Mexican party going.

However, what makes this recipe extra delightful is the generous addition of mushrooms. It gives the nachos an umami flavour that adds to the deliciousness.

Variations on our nachos with mushrooms and queso recipe

If you want to enjoy a vegetarian version of this dish, simply leave out the shredded chicken. Mushrooms add a meatiness to any meal so removing the chicken from this recipe will still keep your nachos intact. If you have a very big appetite and want to enjoy some beefy flavours to your nachos, you can add some minced beef meat or beef strips.

Get ready for the ultimate Mexican feast with our savoury nachos with mushrooms and queso recipe.

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