Prince Harry stars alongside Kiwis Rhys Darby and David Fane in eco-travel ad

Prince Harry has shown off his acting skills in a short film promoting his company Travalyst.

The Duke of Sussex shared a new project with the world which would debut on TV in New Zealand.

He spoke in Te Reo Māori in the message before his short film aired on Kiwi TV show Te Ao with Moana.

The video was made for Harry’s company Travalyst, which aims to promote sustainable tourism, and features Harry being approached by a “rating agent” while out jogging.

The video co-stars Rena Owen, Rhys Darby and David Fane and was produced for Travalyst.

Rhys Darby (right) and David Fane appear in the Duke's ad campaign. Photo / Youtube

In the light-hearted clip, Harry is seen wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Girl Dad” – a reference to his 11-month-old daughter Lilibet, who he has with his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

He is seen getting the rating agent’s nationality wrong, asking if he’s Australian before being corrected.

The prince then adds: “Terribly sorry. I know you guys hate that.”

He’s then questioned about a sweet wrapper he apparently dropped on his last trip to New Zealand before the pair explain a new rating system in which tourists can be given marks as well as destinations.

Harry is given a three-star rating, with the agent joking it’s “out of 100” before adding it’s actually out of five, giving the prince a nod for buying local honey on the trip and shutting the tap off while he brushed his teeth.

Harry – who also has three-year-old daughter Archie with his wife – gives out some arm stamps and then speaks in Te Reo Māori to another agent who approaches in a van before continuing his jog.

The video ends with two of the agents saying: “He was a really nice guy”.

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