Psychologists reveal how to get the Christmas present you really want

It’s time to get out of the gift-giving autopilot you’ve been on and get a gift that really matters this Christmas, say a group of British psychologists.

On a bid to banish bad gifting, a team of psychologists have come up with a way to ensure you buy what people really want this Christmas.

After British chain store TK Maxx came out with statistics that a third of people buy unsuitable gifts, British psychologists went to work on a way to reduce it.

They came up with 10 questions that when answered will leave you with more than enough great gift-giving ideas for your loved ones.

“It’s obvious that there is a tendency for people to fall into gifting autopilot at Christmas, but it’s a time that people want to receive thoughtful presents,” says behavioural expert and spokesperson for the research, Jez Rose.

So if you want to know your giftees’ inner gift desires, ask them the list of questions below:

  1. Imagine you have 24 hours to do anything you want. Sky’s the limit. What would you do?
  2. Finish this sentence. I’m the world’s unknown expert in…
  3. This Christmas you decide to donate everything you own except three items. What do you keep?
  4. What’s one thing you could watch or read about forever and never get bored of?
  5. What’s something people assume you like, but secretly you don’t?
  6. What’s one thing you own that you still haven’t used and why?
  7. Not including me, who’s the best gift-giver you know? Why?
  8. When was the last time someone did something thoughtful for you?
  9. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone (other than me)?
  10. Share what you are looking forward to most next year…

“The questions give anyone stuck in a gifting rut the opportunity to discover untapped information about their giftee, and inspire them to get different this Christmas,” says Rose.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.

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