Roasted potatoes and smoked sausage with poached egg

Looking for a satisfying meal to prepare for the family in one hour? Try these roasted potatoes and smoked sausage with a poached egg recipe. It is super delicious and will hit the spot.

The combination of roasted potatoes and smoked sausage works very well and will result in happy smiles around your dinner table as they tuck into the meal.

This recipe also includes the method to create a poached egg like a pro. If you are only preparing one or two poached eggs you can use the whirlpool method. Stir the water fast into one direction until it’s smoothly spinning around. Drop the egg into the centre of the whirlpool. This will prevent the egg from feathering. Follow the rest of the guidance in the method section below.

Preparing this roasted potatoes and smoked sausage recipe will take about one hour. This recipe is perfect to prepare on a busy weekday evening, especially if you have some hungry teenager tummies to fill.

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