Royal photographer shares reason he wouldn’t tour with Harry and Meghan

A royal family photographer has spilt the tea on what it’s like to photograph Harry & Meghan in a recent podcast interview.

In the episode of news.com.au’s I’ve Got News For You,The Sun newspaper photographer Arthur Edwards said his relationship with members of the royal family was more than him just being the photographer.

He’s toured with the British royal family for more than 40 years – and made the decision to stop going on “miserable” trips with Prince Harry after he met Meghan Markle as he felt uncomfortable.

Camilla would always say hello, Kate says hello, William, yeah, they’re all very friendly and so was Harry until he met Meghan, and then he became very very distant and he became almost, well, it was miserable,” he said.

I just find it very depressing with them. They just hated the media and it was miserable so I ducked out of them and sort of went with Charles to New Zealand and you know places like that.

The past few years has come with a string of legal action against media sources by the couple – just last month, Harry filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail

Arthur did share some positive memories with Diana on the podcast too – they once had some banter around her short hair cuts. 

“I said ‘you know what, ma’am? If you have it much shorter you’d look like Sinead O’Connor'”

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