SA animation film ‘Seal Team’ tops charts on Netflix


The SA animation film Seal Team has topped the top 10 list of the most-watched shows on Netflix in five continents and 27 countries.

The movie was launched on New Year’s Eve and it garnered more than 10-million hours of watch time within a week.

The film also won fans in countries including Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Mauritius, on Reunion Island and in SA.

Seal Team tells the story of Quinn, a seal who spends his days relaxing in the sun, splashing in the beautiful waters off the coast of Cape Town, and swimming for his life from great white sharks.

“When he decides it’s time for the food chain to bite back, Quinn recruits a ragtag team of like-minded seals brave, stupid and crazy enough to try to teach the sharks a lesson,” said production company Triggerfish.

It is no surprise the film topped the most-watched shows on the streaming platform: It boasts an impressive cast of award-winning actors, including Jessie T Usher, Oscar- winner JK Simmons, Emmy-winner Matthew Rhys and SA actor John Kani.


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