Slik Talk drags Cassper Nyovest for banning Mac G (Video)

Slik Talk drags Cassper Nyovest over banning Mac G from attending the boxing match against NaakMusiQ on Saturday, 9th of April, 2022 at Sun City.

The rapper has publicly revealed his disregard for Mac G’s Podcast and Chill.

Slik Talk drags Cassper Nyovest for banning Mac G (Video)

The YouTuber was shocked at why Mufasa banned the podcast presenter and his co-host, Sol Phenduka who was a commentator on the boxing match that occurred in December 2021.

It was assumed that Slik wouldn’t drag Cassper again, following the boxing match that happened between them last year, but it appears that the YouTuber enjoys speaking his mind.

Cassper Nyovest after all this time, you still have the emotional intelligence of a teenage girl. Let me give you a reality check Cassper, without MacG and Sol there would be no boxing match,” the YouTuber said.

“They gave you the clout and besides, this is not the first time MacG and Sol have spoken about you but you still invited Sol to be a commentator because you needed the clout.”

“How dare you replace Sol as the commentator when he did such an amazing job commentating on the fight. You needed him that time because you needed the clout, now you don’t need him anymore, now you have sponsors you feel like you don’t need him anymore.” He said.

Watch video below:

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