“So disappointing,” DJ Zinhle replies those trolling her relationship with AKA and Nadia Nakai

DJ Zinhle has ample time to reply to those trolling her for having a good relationship with her baby daddy, ex-lover AKA, and his girlfriend, Nadia Nakai.

Videos of her co-parenting with the rapper on their daughter, Kairo Forbes 7th birthday surfaced on social media; another video of the DJ and Nadia bonding at a club also made its way to the socials and these videos got lots of people buzzing, especially critics and trolls.

A huge number of people attacked her and mocked her, but she’s stood strong against them while expressing her disappointment at them.

“This video is not fun, people prefer hate & bitterness between women for their own entertainment… it’s not gonna be us.. our family is good.. sorry to disappoint,” she replied those trolling her video with Bragga.

Speaking about those trolling her, the businesswoman said, “Sad thing about half the people trolling me here is that they’ll one day work for me & I won’t even know I’ve hired devils.”

“So there’s absolutely nothing you can offer us??? Nothing about yourself? Nothing you’ve achieved? All you can talk about is our shortfalls, what have tried? What have you achieved? At least we are brave enough to try,” she explained.

DJ Zinhle believes those who troll her are trying to chase clout.

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