Somizi reportedly engaged Lasizwe’s ex-boyfriend, Pholoso Mohlala

Somizi Mhlongo’s lover has been identified to be Pholoso Mohlala who is said to be Lasizwe’s ex-boyfriend.

On Sunday, the media personality taunted followers on Instagram with a video of his hand and his lover’s hand; as seen in the video, it appears Som engaged the new lover but he’s deleted the video from his IG account.

People were unsure about the identity of the new lover but a Twitter gossiper named Musa unveiled the identity of the supposed lover named to be Pholoso Mohlala.

The revelation got tongues wagging as he claimed Lasizwe briefly dated Pholo.

“It is well known that Somizi and Lasizwe do not get along. It turns out Lasizwe also briefly dated now Somizi’s fiancé Pholoso Mohlala. Lasizwe and Pholoso’s relationship dates back to January 2022 and he moved on to date and get engaged to Somizi,” Musa wrote.

Somizi is yet to confirm the news; though, Musa is now talked about on Twitter as he’s been revealing celebrities’ secret lovers.

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