The Hits Back to School Quiz with The Warehouse

To celebrate the back to school season, we’re partnering with The Warehouse to challenge our listeners with a daily back to school quiz!

Each day, we’ll have a different subject up as the challenge. How well do you remember your maths equations from back in the day? Still, know how to tackle tricky spelling words? It’s time to find out!

If callers get the answer right, they’ll win a $400 The Warehouse voucher to get their back to school shopping sorted. If the caller is wrong, that $400 prize will jackpot for the next day’s player fund of $800 and so on, up to a whopping $4,000 by the end of the 10-day quiz period!

The Warehouse makes it easy to get everything you need to start the school year smart. Check out the unbeatable range of school gear, from stationery to uniforms and everything in between, at TheWarehouse.co.nz.

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